Henrietta Tayler: Scottish Jacobite Historian and First World War Nurse

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Henrietta Tayler, (1869-1951), was a remarkable woman. She was born into the Scottish gentry and might have lived a life of ease. Instead, she devoted herself to scholarship and helping others. She and her brother Alistair published over 30 full-length works and numerous articles and had a special interest in the Jacobite Risings of 1715 and 1745 and the Duffs, the wider family to which they belonged.

Henrietta Tayler served throughout the First World War as a Red Cross Voluntary Aid Detachment (VAD) nurse, putting herself in danger to help wounded soldiers on both sides of the conflict, refugee children and adults. She did this as she did everything, with bravery, wisdom and good humour.

‘Maggie Craig has succeeded in breathing real life into Henrietta Tayler, in getting under her skin and presenting us with a real and believable woman living through remarkable and sometimes appalling events.’ Undiscovered Scotland

‘A striking biography.’ Scottish Field