A Poem from India by Nimmou Nilakantan

This moving poem is by my friend Nimmou Nilakantan. We got to know each other at the school gates back in the mid 1980s when we were both young mums. Our sons met in the classroom as wee boys and were soon best buddies. Nimmou, her husband Nila and their two lads were in Glasgow for a few years because Nila had been posted there by Coats Viyella.

Nimmou says of the current situation in India, “We live in Bangalore (the Silicon capital of India) and things are as dire as portrayed if not worse.” She describes India as going through hell. Here is her poem:



We called it Pandemic

It was World War 3

Where we fought the Invisible Enemy….


We called it Pandemic

But it was World War 3

Every battle fought against the Daily Lonely…


We called it Pandemic

Every soldier had one task

To wear the weapon – A Mask….


We called it Pandemic

No condition could be worse

When humans became People Averse…


We called it Pandemic

It was World War 3

Imprisoned at home, no Longer Free…


We called it Pandemic

We wrote ourselves into history

By the failure of Human Society…


We called it Pandemic

It was World War 3

When will we ever return To Normalcy?

Nimmou Nilakantan


  1. Christina
    3rd May 2021

    Thanks for sharing that poem from your Indian friend. It certainly is a cry from the heart.
    Orra best,

    1. Maggie Craig
      3rd May 2021

      Thanks, Christina. Nimmou’s poem has been well-shared today and it has really buoyed her up. She had been thinking that nobody cares about India and now she knows differently. I’ll pass on your message to her. Maggie xx

      1. georgie nicholson
        6th May 2021

        Have seen the dreadful scenes from India. Those poor people
        You can feel the heartbreaking sorrow in Nimmou’s poem.
        Hoping there will soon be a ray of hope for them.

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