One Sweet Moment by Maggie Craig

This month, November, I’m showcasing my novel One Sweet Moment. It’s a love story, if not one for the faint-hearted. Life for a poor girl in 1820s Edinburgh could be difficult and dangerous and I wrote the book with the realities of life back then in mind. I call it romance noir.

One Sweet Moment is also a coming-of-age tale and a love letter to Old Edinburgh. Richard and Kate’s touching and poignant romance plays out against the colour and pageantry of King George IV’s pivotal visit to Edinburgh in 1822 and the heart-stopping drama of the Great Fire of Edinburgh of 1824.

The book has had great reviews and is available as a paperback, ebook and as an audio download. You can buy One Sweet Moment from High Street and independent bookshops, Amazon UK and Amazon US. Overseas readers who would like to buy the paperback rather than the ebook might like to know that The Book Depository dispatches books worldwide with free delivery.

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  1. Kerry Most
    13th November 2016

    Can’t wait to get it! Also excited for the next book in the Gathering Storm series!

  2. Wendy Loveridge
    13th November 2016

    This was how I found you and your fab writing, Maggie. Browsing through audio books one day a few years ago now, and I came across One Sweet Moment narrated by the talented Leslie Mackay. If I remember is was less than £6.00! The price and the premise intrigued because I had never heard of you or your writing. I thought it one of the best books I had ever read/listened to. After that I became one of your biggest fans and adore your writing (and your heroes!)

  3. Maggie Craig
    16th November 2016

    Thanks Kerry and Wendy for your kind comments! Off to spend time with Mr Catto now!

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