Book Week Scotland 2016

I had a lovely time at Brechin Library in bonnie Angus during Book Week Scotland. I hadn’t been there before and was impressed by the lovely building and the warmth of the welcome inside. My thanks to Christine Sharp, Ann Morrice (both pictured below with myself) and the rest of the team.

These events are often billed as “Meet the Author”. They could equally be titled “Meet the Readers” and “Meet the Librarians.” For writers, who spend so much time alone with a keyboard – well, apart from our imaginary friends – it’s so nice to get out and about. An informal talk like this one also allows for general chat afterwards, often an exchange of stories. It all helps feed the imagination and refill the well.

As a bonus, I learned that Sir Robert Watson-Watt, pioneer of radar, was a Brechin lad. His dramatic statue stands outside the library.


  1. Wendy Loveridge
    26th November 2016

    I’m so jealous, Maggie, I’d LOVE to meet you and chat. I attended the HRR in America recently and it was lovely meeting and interacting with favourite authors. You are in my top five dream team of authors so hopefully one day…..

  2. Maggie Craig
    29th November 2016

    Hi Wendy, It would be lovely to meet up with you in person sometime! I love giving author talks and the author always gets so much back from the readers. I’ll let you know if I ever get invited to any book festivals south of Hadrian’s Wall! Or do you have any plans to be in Edinburgh next year?

  3. Rae Cowie
    30th November 2016

    What a beautiful setting, Maggie. Lovely to read of your adventures during Book Week.

  4. Maggie Craig
    1st December 2016

    Brechin is a lovely place, very historic. Glad you enjoyed the post, Rae.

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