Upcoming Events in 2017

20th May 2017 at Aviemore Highland Resort, Outlandish UK Gathering
Delighted to be speaking to #Outlander fans at their 2017 gathering in the Highlands, organized by @Outlandish_UK.

I’m doing two events on Saturday 20th May. In the morning, I’ll be speaking about some of the real people who played their parts in those interesting times and who feature in my two non-fiction books on Jacobite history, Damn Rebel Bitches: The Women of the ’45 and Bare-Arsed Banditti: The Men of the ’45. 

In the afternoon, I’m hosting a wee Jacobite afternoon tea party. Tea played a crucial role in the Rising of 1745, even if one prominent Scotsman back then described it as a “vile drug and a contemptible beverage.” Or maybe because he did!